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What is a Bareboat Charter?

what is a bareboat charter with boatbookings

A 'bareboat' charter is a yacht rental where you hire just the yacht without crew. Bareboat charters are normally booked by sailors. On Bareboat charters there is an option to add a skipper, or a hostess or a combination of the two. If you are chartering a bareboat because you have the relevant license, you will be in charge of everything from navigation, sailing, mooring, and cooking!

Bareboat charters offer tremendous freedom to explore wherever, and whenever (weather dependant of course!) offering a truly unique holiday experience for all the family. At least one member of the group must be an experienced sailor, or you can pre-organise to have a skipper on board if you’re exploring a new region for the first time and wish to relax and allow a local to guide you around the coast. 

Why charter with Boatbookings?

  • Experienced Travel and Yachting Experts - a multilingual team that plan and build your personalized charter itinerary. We know because we go!
  • Quality Assurance - skippers, hostesses, and yachts, examined by us for you!
  • Peace of Mind - we’re on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re here for you.
  • Largest Online Library - at your disposal with a click of a button (or few!) we have the best itineraries and all the yachts.
  • Members of all the Prestigious Yachting Associations in the USA, Europe and Asia - means your experience is financially protected.

Types of Bareboat Charters


bareboat sailing with boatbookings
The classic bareboat charter, monohull sailboats give you performance, freedom and the true feeling of sailing. There are thousands of bareboat sailboats worldwide, ranging from 30 to 50 feet and from 1-5 cabins. If you want the enjoyment of pure sailing and have experienced sailors aboard, we'd generally recommend a monohull sailboat. 

Our Bareboat Sailboats



Bareboat Lagoon Catamaran

Catamarans are one of the fastest growing areas of the charter world as they deliver great comfort and privacy, whilst providing expansive communal areas for relaxing with friends and family. Bareboat catamarans don't heel (tip) like a monohull, providing a more stable feeling on the yacht, which may be preferable for those who are less experienced on yachts. Their shallow draft also makes them better adapted for getting closer to shore when exploring islands and inlets. Especially in areas like the Caribbean. 

If you are a party of several couples or a family, with inexperienced sailors, we'd normally recommend a catamaran. Please note that catamarans are generally more expensive per person than a monohull because the boat is larger. However, this is compensated by the payback in extra space for everyone!

Our Bareboat Catamarans

Bareboat with Skipper - the best of both worlds?

skipper on a sailing yacht

You have the option of adding a qualified skipper to your charters who will take responsibility for sailing/motoring the boat whenever required whilst giving you a personalized, local insight on the area. You have the opportunity to learn sailing tips from a local expert who will usually want you to help them trim the sails and to drop anchor. You can take the helm with the confidence that a knowledgeable skipper is there to assist you or to teach you their best techniques of sailing or maneuvering.

A skippered bareboat is less expensive than a crewed yacht. By having a skipper on your yacht, it totally eliminates the stress of navigating through coral, determining your course. This option allows you to relax with friends and family without worrying about the safety of everyone onboard. If this sounds like your type of charter, let us know and we will arrange for you to have a qualified skipper on your bareboat charter and sailing holiday.

Tips for Successful Bareboat Charters

A successful bareboat charter begins long before you arrive at the Marina. The entire crew should have a very clear idea of what they're getting into. We highly recommend that you do the following before you book your bareboat charter:

  • Clearly communicate to all involved what will be expected of them.
  • Check the weather twice a day! Read our weather page for more detailed information about the types of winds/climate that you could be sailing in. 
  • Plan an itinerary that is not overly aggressive - unless everyone is experienced, sailors. Remember, many in the party probably want to return refreshed and relaxed from their holiday, not stressed from oversailing!
  • Get agreement from everyone that they approve of the itinerary, if unsure about your itinerary ask Boatbookings for personalized advice on the best things to do at your chosen destination. The Boatbookings team have sailed extensively all over the world and hold advice in abundance!
  • Add a hostess and a skipper to create the perfect combination of sailing, local insight, and relaxation.

Our Bareboat Charter Yachts

With hundreds of fantastic bareboat destinations to choose from, our top recommendations are the British Virgin Islands (BVI) or St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the Mediterranean, French Riviera, MallorcaCroatiaGreece and Italy (SicilySardiniaNaples & the Amalfi Coast), or Thailand and the South Pacific. These all have fantastic boats, great sights, reliable winds, and a culture that is supportive of bareboating. Click here for information about many of these destinations in separate articles.

Now the fun begins - selecting your bareboat charter yacht! You have two options: simply contact us and we'll research availabilities and boat models available for you, or you can use our "Real Time" search facility - that will show availability for over 3000 yachts worldwide.

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