Tahiti 7 day Sailing Itinerary

tahiti, French Polynesia, bora bora, mores

Tahiti Sailing Itinerary - Bora Bora, Avea Bay, Anapa Pearl Farm

Overview  | Day One - Raiatea | Day Two - Anapa Pearl Farm | Day Three - Motu Toopua | Day Four - Bora Bora | Day Five - Taha | Day Six - Huahine | Day Seven - Avea Bay | Day Seven - Raiatea


Tahiti is a magical place where coconut trees line powdery sandy beaches and flower-laden welcomes are as delightful as the sunsets that stretch on long into the evening. Expect to find tumbling waterfalls, majestic mountains, secluded lagoons and a relaxed pace of life on your Tahiti yacht charter. 


Day One - Raiatea

bora boraGet to know, Raiatea, the heart of Polynesian culture. Then focus on resting by eating dinner on board as your Tahitian adventure is just beginning!

Day Two - Anapa Pearl Farm

tahiti, French Polynesia, bora bora, moresHead to the Anapa Pearl Farm with its pearl divers, rare aquatic reserve and coral garden. Make a tour reservation, then take a mooring at the farm and learn all about pearls. Afterwards, explore the lagoon or hike through the rainforest to spot Tiare Apetahi, a very rare flower.

Day Three - Motu To'opua

tahiti, French Polynesia, bora bora, moresAnchor at Motu To'opua on Bora Bora and enjoy swimming and snorkelling. Take a mooring at the Bloody Mary’s restaurant and marvel at their huge list of famous guests.

Day Four - Bora Bora

tahiti, French Polynesia, bora bora, mores
Sail to the east side of the lagoon, where you can swim with turtles, rays, sharks and fish. In the afternoon, sail the southern shore of the island and explore the magnificent coral reef.


Day Five - Taha'a

tahiti, French Polynesia, bora bora, moresSail to the east side of Taha’a and explore the amazing coral reef or Passe Toahotu. Stay on board for dinner and get a decent night’s sleep.

Day Six - Huahine

tahiti, French Polynesia, bora bora, mores

Sail to Huahine and visit Fare, where you will find a warm local welcome in this Polynesian village. Browse the boutiques and get a bite to eat in the small restaurants.

Day Seven - Avea Bay

Cruise to Avea Bay, then sail to Huahine Lagoon, with deep clear waters and gleaming white sand. The anchorage in this bay is very well-protected and should provide a restful night whilst you enjoy your final Tahitian sunset.

Day Eight - Raiatea

tahiti, French Polynesia, bora bora, mores
Sail downwind to Raiatea, dine ashore and sail back to base. We hope your vacation in Tahiti has been memorable and that you're back to charter soon!

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